It's safe to admit all of us in Texas get annoyed by air travel sometimes.

Getting to the airport while avoiding traffic, making your way through security, and finding your gate is pain in a you know what. But there's always one thing that angers us isn't there? Somebody could not be paying attention to line, or not have their ticket ready to get on the plane.

Safe to say, we've all been angry while flying. But there's always that moment when we see something on a flight that makes us smile right? Especially when it happens in the Lone Star State!

One of those moments just happened too! On a flight to Austin no less. One future bride received a memory of a lifetime, with a little help from everybody on board.

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A Heartwarming Moment On A Southwest Flight To Austin, Texas

The video shows the moment when the flight is informed the bride is on the way to her bachelorette party:


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As shown, the bride had no idea it that announcement was going to happen. Then, the next surprise, the flight attendant asking any married individuals on the plans for tips for her! The cherry on top of all it you ask? None other than the crown and the snack sash given to her, truly stylish.

What's even more heart-melting is the advice she was given, which as shown by the amount of napkins she received, was more than one could imagine. So to say the least, it was one big happy moment in the skies, before the moment of her saying "I do."

So, even when it seems like people are rude on flights, remember, there's sweetness everywhere if you notice it!

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