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Plugerville's Hendrickson High School will represent Texas in this year's 90th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Hawk Band will be the only marching band from Texas to be featured in this year's parade. The band is in route to New York with some 12 trailers of luggage for the big event.

The Hendrickson High School band was chosen to represent Texas as a result of their scores for showmanship and experience. The band plans on including "Deep In The Heart Of Texas" and "Sweet Caroline" among the songs they play for the holiday crowds.

The band will play to a crowd of some 3.5 million people, and a TV audience over of over 50 million. It's a long 2.65 mile walk along the parade route for the band who raised over $775,000 dollars for their trip through fundraising. Over 1,000 community members have made the trip to N.Y. along with the Henderickson High School band for this memorable event.

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