There's a new program in Central TX to help veterans transition into civilian life.

The Department of Defense and Veteran affairs has partnered up to create a program that will assist those in the military as they make the transition. The ETS- Sponsorship program aka Expiration Term of Service was put into place to link soldiers with companies in their community to serve as a guide and support system as they navigate through the transition period.

Danielle Bracco, the Operations manager for the ETS Sponsorship Program told KWTX, " The program isn't meant to be a replacement for other assistance that the military offers. It's focus is to offer help in a wide range of areas such as employment, education, family needs as well as legal and social needs."

The program has a big chance at being successful but in order to keep the impact going sponsors are needed. Those who are interested in becoming a sponsor do not have to be a veteran but it's a must that they have a heart for helping others.

From past experiences Braco believes some of the best sponsors were those who were civilians. People who are familiar with their communities and know of programs and events that may help a veteran.

If you're interested in joining the ETS-Sponsorship program as a sponsor and or a transitioning veteran your are encouraged to find more information by visiting



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