Well it's gotta start somewhere, and although the wheels spin slowly here in Texas, when it comes to legalization of weed, our slow start may pick up some speed with the May 7 election in Austin.

Baby Steps

To be fair, Texas has already taken some baby steps when it comes to hemp and CBD, so it's not like the issue hasn't gotten any attention lately. With the upcoming May 7 election, Austin will give their voters a chance to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana or eliminate low-level marijuana enforcement.

According to KVUE, Austin PD has already stopped arresting or ticketing people for personal marijuana possession as of July of 2020, and that probably won't change even if voters decide to not pass the new legislation.

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Decriminalization Is Not Legalization

It's important to note that decriminalization is not the same as legalization. If the new law passes in Travis County, that just means that law enforcement won't enforce certain laws. So, if Austin PD catches you with small amounts of weed or just smoking a joint, they'll probably just continue to ignore it like they have since July of 2020.

Don't Go Nuts

If you are caught growing, selling, or transporting weed, that could be an entirely different scenario. You can't expect Austin PD to just turn a blind eye to everything relating to marijuana altogether. Weed is still illegal in the state of Texas even if Austin voters decide to decriminalize the low-level stuff.

Will Spring Bring Green?

For those in favor say High. Elections are set for May 7, so we'll know if Texas is ready to take the next step in legalized weed by May 8th.

It's well past time to do so.

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