Rascal Flatts recruited 'Nashville' star Charles Esten to appear in their new video for the contemplative ballad 'Changed,' which explores the dangers of alcoholism on the family unit.

In the clip, the Flatts perform alongside hanging lightbulbs and plot footage featuring Gary LeVox as a bartender at the local watering hole, complete with a towel over his shoulder as he serves up beverages.

Esten is a father with a bit of a drinking problem and a man at the crossroads in his life. We glean that information from his seat at the bar and the fact that empty amber beer bottles tumble from his SUV as he opens the door while his daughter looks on with a mixture or shock and horror.

His life unravels as he forgets to retrieve his daughter from school and spins his wedding ring on the table, as if he wants it to roll further away from him. He's clearly a lost soul with a lot more to lose if he remains on this path.

However, the love of his family is like the rope tossed down the hole, which can only help pull him out and to safety. The video is like a Lifetime TV movie condensed into the 'Changed' music video, and you end up caring about Esten and his family's plight.