If Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry's boyfriend is planning to propose, the singer is sure to be surprised. Perry told Taste of Country that marriage and starting a family are not on her to do list for 2013, adding with a laugh, "And that goes for all three of us. We can't have babies."

The group is hyper-focused on their new album, 'Pioneer,' the release of which leads right into the ACM Awards, which leads to another tour with Rascal Flatts and then planning sessions for a headlining tour in 2014...

As for the identity of the mystery man the blonde singer is dating, she would neither confirm or deny rumors that it's JP Arencibia of the Toronto Blue Jays (Neil and Reid were similarly tight-lipped).

But Arencibia's Twitter page is feeding fans' thirst for gossip. In addition to some playful tweets and pictures that included both he and the female Perry, the MLB catcher made reference to his as girlfriend as #TheMostBeautifulGirlintheWorld. He's also from Nashville, played at the University of Tennessee and most recently encouraged his followers to buy 'Pioneer,' the trio's sophomore album. He even retweeted a message by Perry's record label to pick up 'Pioneer.' Seriously, who besides a boyfriend would do all of that? Other than a stalker.

Perry's love life doesn't appear to be totally off limits when it comes to the Band Perry's songwriting. One of the more powerful songs on 'Pioneer' is 'Back to Me Without You,' a song she told ToC is about a friend. A close listen to the lyrics (“Slow death of a slow dance / The tailspin of a romance") indicates this "friend" may have been much more.