64 pounds would have filled a lot of plates at the fish fry, if all of it hadn't been thrown back into the lake.

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Did you catch any fish over Memorial Day weekend? If you did, they were probably a bit smaller than this one. A 64-pound Smallmouth Buffalo was caught, breaking a record at Lady Bird Lake.

Heaviest Fish at Lady Bird Lake

Cassady Douglas said it took him about 25 minutes to reel in the record-breaking fish, according to KXAN. He took a picture with the giant scaly creature, and then threw the portly Smallmouth Buffalo back into Lady Bird Lake to roam free once again.

It was the heaviest fish that’s been caught on record at Lady Bird Lake. The next biggest fish to be reeled in at that location and verified is a grass carp that came in at 50 pounds.

Where Can I Find Smallmouth Buffalo?

Smallmouth Buffalo are usually found in Texas in large streams or rivers exclusive of the Panhandle, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. Specimens over 82 pounds have been landed by rod and reel anglers, but the trotline record in the state of Texas is 97 pounds.

Smallmouth Buffalo (Ictiobus bubalus) Texas Parks & Wildlife
Smallmouth Buffalo (Ictiobus bubalus) Texas Parks & Wildlife

They can be confused with carp but don’t have the barbels (things around the mouth of the fish that look like whiskers).

How to Submit Your Own Record Fish

You can find the Texas Parks and Wildlife all-tackle records for Lady Bird Lake here.

Submit your own record-breaker on their website. If your fish has the top dimensions, it takes roughly 6-8 weeks to receive the certificate.


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