We should just call Jeremy Epperson, the best friend ever!  Jeremy just gave his Marine buddy, Master Sgt. Jacinto Bernado, one of the best gifts in the world!   Here’s what happened.


Jacinto (they call him Jack) has spent 21 years in the Marines.  He and his wife and two daughter’s have been on assignment in Japan.   Jack knew retirement was coming up this year and he had to have a home for his family.  While on leave last year he had a week to find a house.  He found one, a fixer upper near San Francisco.  This place needed a lot of work but it was all the Bernado's could afford, so they bought it, with Jack ready to do a lot of renovating when he got back.  In the meantime Jack asked his Marine buddy Jeremy, to keep an eye on the house, til the Bernado family returned.


They finally got back last week, what a surprise to find that Jeremy had a limo waiting for them at the airport.  It was an even bigger surprise when they saw the house.   Thanks to Jeremy, the Jimmy Doolilttle Center, and numerous contractors and volunteers, the place was painted inside and out, new floors were installed, kitchen redone, and the lawn landscaped. In just 10 days, the house underwent $70,000 worth of renovations.


Don’t worry, Jacinto’s wife, Julie was in on the surprise so she approved the redecorating.  What a chore to keep all that from her husband.


Master Sgt Bernardo got all choked up.  "Twenty-one years I've served my country and if I had 21 more years to give, I would," Jack said, "I don't think I really deserve it. I just did my duty and I'm happy to do it."