For some reason, recordings from the past resurface and resurge on the 'net.  Yesterday it seemed Gladys from Austin, TX, had Facebookers enthralled..

It's a mystery.  A video or audio recording that debuted on the internet years ago resurfaces every once and a while.  I think this is partially due to people who are new to Facebook, Twitter, and the like, who are seeing the post for the first time so they feel compelled to send it out to all their new Facebook friends, most of whom have already seen it once or five times because they've been on a while.  Newbie mistake.

But every once and while, one makes the rounds that's like watching an old favorite movie.  And this is one of mine.

On Ellen DeGeneres' talkshow, there's a number you can call and leave her a message, and a couple of years ago a grandmother from Austin, Tx, Gladys Hardy, who proceeded to impart the wisdom of the ages to Ellen.  Then Ellen called her back.  First time I saw this, I think I spewed my drink at least three times.

Gladys, I love you.  You make me laugh.


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