OK, I'll admit it.  Most years, I could care less who's playing.  I watch the Super Bowl for the ads.  But with so many good ones coming out, I'd spend half my day just searching each out.  So I decided I'd help everyone out and post some 2014 Super Bowl ads here.  These are some of my favorites so far.  I'm sure I'll be updating this into the morning.

First, there's the MetLife sponsor ad with the Peanut's gang & the national anthem.  Great Ad.

Here's the first one I said "This is a contender for best spot of the night".  Sucked me right in before I knew it was for Turbo Tax.  Sign  me up!

Radio Shack stuffed a whole lot of out of work 80's icons into one spot.

And it's not Super Bowl without automobile ads, so here's a few of my favorites.

First up, Ford Fusion.  And this gets bonus points for being a history making spot.  It's 90 seconds long.  A 30 second spot costs $4 mil this year.  I wonder if they got a discount?

Chrysler captured the spirit of Detroit with Bob Dylan

Audi's Doberhuahua.  And, no honey, you can't have one.

A Toyota Highlander full of Terry Crews and The Muppets

Then there's the beer sponsor, Budweiser, with “Puppy Love”  If you don't feel it, you're heartless.  And probably drink Lite.

And we can never forget our troops!

GoPro’s Red Bull Stratos commercial.  Bad ass. 'Nuf said.

Here’s all of the Doritos commercials that competed as America voted on which two would be broadcast during the big game.

"Fingers Cleaner"

"Breakroom Ostrich"

"Office Thief"

"Cowboy Kid"

"Time Machine"


Volkswagen seems to think that they’ve got God on their side.

Coca-Cola’s little Adrian could…go…all…the...way!

And Coke started something with this international flavored spot.

Tim Tebow’s only Super Bowl appearance, isn’t it?

You know Ellen likes to tell stories & dance, so give her a Beat

I think Kia thinks they are the Matrix

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