If you are a PBR fan you will be happy to know that there is a PBR video game out called 8 To Glory.

The Official Game of the PBR is available on PS4 and XBOX ONE. There are various ways you can play. You can play in single player campaign mode, arcade mode, or multiplayer head-to-head.

I-LOVE-PBR. Why? Because the bulls are treated like kings, are not hurt, and for lack of a better word, they ROCK. I’ve never gotten into rodeos because I always worry about a calf getting hurt, but with PBR, the bulls are perfectly safe. It is the guys who have to worry. lol

The handsome man who made me a PBR fan is Bushwacker. I saw him live and in person on his retirement tour a few years back. What-A-Bull. Most bulls have a routine. They turn this way, or that way, and they are predictable. Bushwacker never does the same thing twice.

Most bulls you see in the shoot before the ride are ticked off. They are moving around, raring back, and trying to climb out. Once they are out and the ride is over, they chase any guy that moves in the ring.

Bushwacker is the complete opposite. He knows it is a job and he just wants to do his job and take a break. He calmly stands in the shoot while the rider is getting prepared. Once the gate opens, he puts the bull beat down on the bullrider and once the guy is eating dirt, Bushwacker trots over to the gate to go back to his pen. The guy is AHHHHHHMAAAAAAAAAAzing.

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