There's nothing worse than being the road rage driver only to see instant karma come back and bite you in the butt. Trust me, I feel this guy's pain.

Road rage is deeply misunderstood. I find myself going to dark places when I'm driving behind someone in no particular hurry driving in the left lane. Just because you've got no place important to be, doesn't mean I'm not in a hurry.

Instead of filming this, maybe this inconsiderate driver could pull into the left lane to let the truck go around. What if this guy was on the way to the hospital? What if his kid was sick at school? What if, just by chance, this guy had somewhere to be and needed to be there quick? What if he just wanted to drive fast? The law, and common decency, generally state that the left lane is for passing only. That doesn't mean passing a car half a mile in front of you.

To add to the drama of intentionally not letting a driver pass in the left lane, they're filming it and laughing the whole time. Had I been stuck behind an inconsiderate driver and saw them filming it as I passed, they'd be the ones in the ditch. Just to merely flip the bird and accelerate does not make this person a bad guy.

I hope the drivers in the car that was filming at least stuck around and waited for the police to arrive.  If I was a cop, I'd ticket them for reckless driving and battery (battery would be a stretch, but I think it fits under the definition of the law. If I was the driver in the ditch I'd sue them for harassment, property damage, medical bills and invasion of privacy.

Rude driving is worse than road rage. I genuinely think some people just can't control their temper, and when you've got someone poking the bear they deserve to feel the middle finger of justice.