The Washington Redskins have another story to add to the bad press they’ve been receiving lately, this time concerning reports that quarterback Robert Griffin III’s father is trying to influence the team’s owner to hire Baylor coach Art Briles to replace Mike Shanahan.

According to a Bleacher Report story by Jason Cole, the elder Griffin has been busy the past few weeks politicking in favor of Briles with team owner Daniel Snyder. Briles coached RG3 to a Heisman Trophy during the young QB’s college career.

In an article posted to Yahoo! Sports, columnist Frank Schwab implies that, even if Briles were perfectly suited for the job, hiring him could further undermine the team’s image as it would appear that Synder is letting his franchise quarterback call the shots.

Of course, the Redskins organization is flatly denying the rumors, but given recent stories involving the elder Griffin’s alleged meddling and RG3’s seemingly tense relationship with the coaching staff, it doesn’t seem like the franchise will be garnering any sympathy any time soon.