It looks like this whole time, Santa Claus has had a vacation home here in Texas. Its located over in the town of Robinson.

KWTX reports that Linda Bohannan has near 1,000 Santa Clauses in her home. I love Linda because when she was asked about it she joked, "They're everywhere, my poor husband." Linda has about 300 Santa ornaments alone on her Christmas Tree.

Each year Linda and her daughter have to unpack all the Santas for the holidays and it nearly takes all day. She says she became a Santa addict over a decade ago when a boss gave her a Santa ornament as a gift. She told News 10 she has been collecting them ever since. Linda says she can't pick just one as her favorite. She loves each one.

She says her trick is to buy them after 12/25. If there is a Santa on sale she gets it. Santa is the only kind of ornament she will put on her tree. If anyone has Linda on their shopping list she should be an easy one to take care of.

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