If you're scummy enough to steal from an elderly lady, be careful who sees you do it.

36-year-old Ronald Warner, a heroin addict wanted for child abuse in Missouri, learned that lesson the hard way this week in Spokane, Washington when he tried to steal an elderly woman's purse.

42-year-old Heidi Muat, a member of the Spokannibals Roller Derby team who goes by "Ida B. ChoAzz", witnessed the crime and chased the man down. When they got to a busy freeway, Warner gave up and relinquished the purse rather than try to outrun a woman who was clearly in better shape and not someone to be messed with.

"He looked up and saw he had nowhere to go other than running," Muat told KXLY-TV. "I said, 'I can outrun you. Give Up.' And he just looked at me and tossed the purse."

Warner escaped, but he was identified and arrested the next day.