12 year old Ilya Gavrichenko went home and told his parents that he had landed the role of Joseph Stalin in his Christmas play at his St Petersburg, Russia school.


They got him a uniform complete with boots and mustache to make him look just like the former Soviet Dictator.





Ilya dutifully learned his lines and finally it was time for the play. That is when his parents and Ilya discovered the mistake.  He was supposed to be Joseph of Nazareth, not Joseph Stalin.


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Nobody had a robe and sandals handy so Ilya went out on stage in his military-style outfit, playing Joseph next to Mary and the Baby Jesus.



Most of the other parents thought the mix-up was hilarious, Ilya's Daddy said, "Each time he went out on stage, the mothers were in hysterics, crying and yowling from somewhere under their chairs.


Poor Ilya, let's hope they don't do a play about the Beatles and he makes the mistake of dressing up as Vladimir Lenin!


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