Well, somebody had one heck of a "cook-out" planned in the San Saba, Texas area.

KWTX is reporting that two different Lowe's locations near San Saba alerted police to bags of charcoal that arrived containing several wrapped bricks of marijuana.

The marijuana was inside bags of Encino brand charcoal. Police in San Saba are thankful the charcoal had yet to be put out onto store shelves and was not discovered by any customers.

The other Lowes location was not so lucky. A customer did purchase a bag of charcoal with the marijuana inside from a Lowe's store in Mason, Texas. Fortunately, the customer in Mason returned the charcoal to the store.

Investigators said that Encino brand charcoal is packaged in Mexico and sent to the United States. A search is ongoing throughout surrounding area stores to see if anyone else got a special shipment of the charcoal.

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