There's almost too many creatures in the state of Texas is there?

We're of course talking about the animals that reside along with us here in the Lone Star State. Heck, coyotes live in this state! But there's much smaller, rather should we say, annoying animals that live with us.

We're of course talking about insects.

They just seem to be everywhere, when we don't need them to be. When we're eating outside, they circle our food. They also know how to just spook us at the right time too don't they?

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But recently, one bug has the caught the eye of The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, and Texas seems to be a favorite of them.

One Bug In Texas That Is Bound To Annoy And Harm You

So what bug are we talking about? None other than the Sand Fly. According to KHOU 11, these bugs are so tiny, they can easily get through mosquito nets. While the bugs are a pain as we previously mentioned, they also carry disease around the state.

The CDC reveals the disease is called Leishmaniasis. Some individuals infected with the sickness will develop sores on their body, while others may not even show signs of having the disease.

There's also different types of leishmaniasis. One of the types, visceral, could lead to death, as reported by the World Health Organization. Thankfully, KHOU 11 reports that the no cases have been found in Texas at the time of writing.

But KHOU 11 also states that Texas is the single state that reports cases of the disease. With all this said, is there a way to avoid having to deal with sand flies?

Thankfully, There's A Way To Combat Them

KHOU 11 reports that sand flies are pushed back by bug spray. They also state that if a bug bite doesn't disappear, or sores appear on your body, you should seek medical attention.

Be smart and safe Texas!

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