There's many animals in the state of Texas.

We've all seen an animal in Texas that we haven't seen in a long time. Some of us may come across a fox, or perhaps even scarier, a bear. Texas was once called the wild west after all.

As seasons change, different animals make their appearance in the Lone Star State. The opposite is also true, as some will disappear due to the changes. In the summer, we deal with a lot of insects in Texas to say the least.

One of these bugs we all know too well, and they even will try to get into your home. You might even smell them. But what, if at all, can you stop them for entering your residence unannounced?

One Annoying Bug Getting Into Your Texas Home

So what is this bug everybody will be ticked off to see in their home? Well, it's none other than the stinkbug. It seems like stinkbugs really like the Lone Star State too, thanks to the heat the state has, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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The Star-Telegram reports that the one major one that the state will have to deal with is known as the Brown Marmorated stink bug, also having the nickname "The Texas Invader." As the news organization reports, the insect particularly loves crops from Texas, like corn, cotton, and sorghum.

So is there a way to stop them from making an appearance in your home? Actually there is! For many, the best way to stop stink bugs from coming into your home is to secure various areas around your home like windows or door.

The Star-Telegram also lists multiple other ways to stop them, so you can avoid a bad smell in your home! Hopefully, stinkbugs won't make a surprise visit to your Lone Star State home.

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