Killeen Police have a warning for you.  Con artists are working overtime to steal your money.  KPD reports  an increase in complaints about scams. Killeen Police sent out a press release to remind you to BEWARE!!!!  Let's go over some of the scams that have been running for years.   I am sure you have gotten an email from somebody in a foreign country who has to get million of dollars out and you are the one to help, you get a cut of course.   Those scams are still out there. and some people are still falling for them..   Don't be the FOOL!!!! Delete!!!!  No matter how legit it sounds!   The notices don't come in just email. Police say you may get a letter, fax, or a phone call, or text.  Just because you get a text doesn't  mean its Legit!  Even crooks can get your phone number.

Here are some other scams police are warning about.

You have been named an heir in a will, or your excellent status in the community enables them to contact you for investment purposes. Generally the scammer claims to be a high-ranking official in the government and there is a surplus in money and they need to put it in another bank outside of their country and that's where you come in.  Of course  they will  give you several million dollars, just for helping.

Another scam, a long lost relative of yours has died and left you a large sum of money.

Other scams are Lottery scams, Check in the Mail scams and Secret Shopper scams.

You may get a phony check or money order in the mail, ready for deposit into your bank account. You send a portion back through Western Union, and keep the rest.   But because the check is fake,  the money comes out of your bank account.   YOU LOSE, THEY  WIN.

Killeen Police also have word about a scam involving loans.  The mark is asked to send money to fill out loan paperwork, that paperwork includes all your personal information which the thief now can access, or use to create a new identity.

Beware if you get a  phone call  or text saying you  won a prize for a contest you did not enter. You  are then asked to send a service fee to get your prize.  Don't fall for it. If you did not enter a contest then you didn’t win a prize!

Here is some helpful advice from Killeen Police to protect yourself:

1. Never give out your personal information, including banking information
2. Do not pay a fee in advance for any money you might have won or inherited.
3. Shred your personal banking statements and bills instead of just throwing them away.
4. Contact the police immediately if you are unsure and think this might be a scam.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is!

Anyone with information on a crime can call Crime Stoppers at 526-TIPS (8477) - (254) 526-8477, go online at or text the word BELLCO along with your tip to 274637. Text STOP to 274637 to cancel. Text HELP to 274637 for help. Msg & Data rates may apply. All information is confidential and if your tip results in the arrest of the suspect you could be eligible for a cash reward up to $1,000.
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