One of the cool things about being a biologist is getting to name any new species you discover, and a researcher working to classify a ridiculously cute species of octopus has revealed that she may end up calling them ‘Opistoteuthis adorabilis’.

Stephanie Bush with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California is one of the first scientists to study live specimens of the creatures, and says she's considering the name because "they're really cute". That's all the logic you need when you look at the thing. I mean, just look at it! It's like a Pokemon and a scoop of orange sherbet had a baby!

Scientists found evidence of the creatures in the 1990's, but have only recently been able to study live specimens. One of Bush's subjects has even laid eggs, and the way the mama broods over them suggest these little guys have a remarkable lifespan for octopi.

Because the creatures are octopi, the 'Opistoteuthis' part of their name is a given, but once Bush's research is complete, the 'adorabilis' will be added and their status as the cutest things under the sea will be official.