The greatest part of my job is the music.  It seems like a simple enough reason to work in radio, but many people in the business are in it for just that... the business.  Part of the fun that's come with the music is getting to see the music played live.  I love concerts, and I've seen everything from an Andy Williams Christmas concert special to Kris Kristofferson under a tent in the middle of a Tennessee field.  I've loved just about every show I've seen, but there are still a lot of people AND venues on my bucket list.

One of the places I'd love to go see a concert is exactly where we're sending a winner to see Florida Georgia Line... Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.  You can win airfare, hotel, $500 spending money and the chance to meet the duo backstage before the show.




  • Gruene Hall

    Gruene Hall is a classic Texas honky tonk.  Unairconditioned and reeking of stale beer and smoke, this is not a place you come to for the frills.  This is a venue that gets you close to the action on the stage, and even closer to the sweating mass of people surrounding you.  If I ever got the chance to see Willie Nelson at Gruene Hall my life would be complete.

    Photo courtesy Gruene Hall Facebook page.
  • Royal Albert Hall

    From a tiny Texas honky tonk right down I-35 to a mega venue steeped in snotty British history, my 2nd bucket-list-venue is none other than Royal Albert Hall.  It's seen its fair share of world-class musicians and was even mentioned in a Beatles song.  What more do you need?

    Photo credit Getty Images
  • The Fillmore- San Francisco

    I can't shake my hippy influences in this selection.  As America was mired in the Vietnam War and going through profound social change, the music that was at the center of it all came from the Bay area.  The Fillmore saw more legendary musicians over a decade span than probably anywhere else on the planet.  Without a hot tub time machine there's no way to go back and experience any of that magic, but just to see a show from inside its hallowed halls would be enough.

    Photo courtesy of Fillmore Facebook page.
  • Carnegie Hall

    To pick just one iconic music venue from NYC is a lot harder than one might think.  There's the Beacon Theater, Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall to name a few.  I've seen a show at Radio City already, so let's take that off the list.  Madison Square Garden hasn't held any of what I'd consider "iconic" concerts in decades and Beacon Theater is best if you're going to see the Allman Brothers play one of their annual gigs there.  That leaves the history of Carnegie Hall.

    Photo credit Getty Images.
  • Red Rocks Amphitheater

    My top choice of bucket-list-venues is none other than Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.  A beautiful venue that's been the spot of too many great concerts to mention.  Cool mountain air, a beautiful backdrop and great music... you can win a trip to see Florida Georgia Line play this iconic venue by registering for a flyaway that includes airfare, hotel, $500 spending money and a chance to meet the guys backstage.

    Photo credit Getty Images