With so much negativity on TV and in our newsfeeds, it's easy to forget sometimes that people are out there helping people every day. This is a fantastic example of the spirit of giving and community that's still alive and well in America.

This positive story comes to us from Stark County Ohio. According to a Facebook post from the Stark County Sheriff's Office, 12-year-old Davonte was left without a ride to school when his mother was hospitalized. That's when Deputy Muntean, a resource officer at Plain Local Schools in Canton, Ohio, stepped up to help.

Deputy Muntean gave Davonte a ride to school Wednesday. They even stopped by McDonald's for breakfast on the way.

“We sat and ate our breakfast together and on his way to class he went with a big smile on his face,” Deputy Muntean said. “I enjoyed his company and assured him he could always reach out for a ride or breakfast anytime.”

Davonte did reach out, asking if he could get another ride Thursday as his mother continues to recover. Odds are good they stopped for breakfast again.

“It never hurts to go beyond expectations to help someone in need,” Deputy Muntean said. We couldn't agree more.

With big media outlets portraying the nation as bitterly divided, it's refreshing to see that so many Americans are doing good and helping their friends and neighbors every day.

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