You may have heard about Walmart's new online grocery service. It's everything you could hope for, especially the part I like: I don't need to set foot in the store.

Honestly, this is close to the way George Jetson would have designed it: park the car, let them know you're there to pick up your groceries, they're loaded into your trunk and that's it, you're done.

The service is available in Belton and Killeen. I chose the Belton location as it was "conveniently located," whatever that means.

The customer logs in at and begins shopping. Nearly all of the same items in store at Walmart are available online. No kidding, and get this: they're the exact same price as they are in the store. You're not charged a delivery fee or convenience charge just because you don't want to go in.

Aside from actually seeing the produce selected - some folks are sticklers about that, the Felix Unger's of the world - there's no drawback. It's as if your groceries came from Heaven above, already bagged and ready to go. They're even stored cold until you pick them up if that's what is needed.

Even more incredible: the very helpful grocery associates are not allowed to accept tips. Listen, Walton Family, you'd better be paying these folks well because I wanted to tip.

There is a delay between the order being placed and the groceries being ready for pickup. You are required to set an appointment time so they can have your stuff ready. I received a phone call about ten minutes before my window of 5:00 - 6:00 PM by an actual human reminding me that my groceries were ready for pickup.

Honestly, it seemed too good to be true. The selection wasn't universal, but I was shocked at what they did have, including a lot of regional items.

Your move, H-E-B.