Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought you were still in a nightmare? That's what happened to me Tuesday as I went to my car and saw this giant hand print on my door.

I tried to fit my own hand to the print, but mine was way too small. It's like a big gorilla man put powder on his hand, then tried to creep into my car. (Maybe it's cedar pollen?) Imagine how surreal it was for me as I unlocked my car door with this giant hand print smeared across it.

Obviously, someone with messy hands was looking inside to try and see if they could steal something. Thankfully, I never leave anything of value in my car wherever I go, specially anything the missing link would want to break in and steal.

Please do the same, because someone can break your car window and run off with your back pack, computer, or purse in less than a minute. I'm glad he didn't try and suck the air out of my tires.

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