It may sound crazy, but showing just how much they despise cancer got three sisters booted from a mall.

Zakia Clark and Tasha Clark were at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania last weekend with their other sister, shopping for dresses to wear to their mother's funeral after she passed away from breast cancer.

Zakia and Tasha say they were kicked out because they were wearing hats that said 'F--- Cancer' with a pink ribbon replacing the letter "C" in the expletive.

The sisters were ultimately booted after security told them to take off their hats or leave.

Mall officials justified the decision by saying, "The mall is first and foremost a family destination. Certain words and images, whether obvious or suggested, spoken or written on clothing, are considered profane and can offend many people."

The sisters, meanwhile, claim it's nothing more than hypocrisy because certain stores in the mall sell clothing with expletives on them.

The third sister, Makia Underwood, said, "To say they don't want that in their mall, but they sell it ... it just wasn't right. It wasn't right to kick us out, and you sell things with curse words on them."

The mall has since apologized and offered to donate to a cancer charity.