You remember how being bored as a kid sometimes got you into trouble, right?

Of course, now kids have phones and gaming systems to keep them busy.

However, they do still go outside occasionally.

Maybe when you play indoors all the time, you lose your touch on how to behave outdoors...or maybe you get stuck in the storm drain under your house.

With two snakes.

That's exactly what happened to a 12-year-old girl in Southlake, Texas.

How She Got Stuck

Newsweek is reporting that Tori and her sister (no last names were provided) had just a few more days of quarantine.

My guess is that these girls have not seen the Stephen King movie 'IT'.

While outside playing, Tori decided to explore the giant opening by their house, and crawled into the drainage pipe through a tight tunnel before trying to go back.

When she turned around, that's when things got slithery.

Tori saw a snake looking right at her, so understandably, she decided to go in the opposite direction, where she encountered another snake.

She asked her sister for help, and eventually their mom was called to the scene, finding Tori underneath the storm grate.

Since mom couldn't raise the bars on the storm grate, Tori reportedly got two choices: crawl over a snake or be rescued by the Southlake Police.

She chose the police, and I can't say I blame her!

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A Happy Ending

The good news: the snakes were non-venomous, and the police came to the rescue.

Southlake DPS was able to free Tori, no one was injured, and now her family will have a story to tell for years!

Authorities also say no snakes were harmed during the rescue.

Tori's jeans probably couldn't be saved, though.

Stay Away From Storm Drains

Remember, drainage pipes can be extremely dangerous.

You can get crushed, be exposed to dangerous gases, or be swept away by rushing water.

Make sure you teach your kids to stay out of the storm drains also.

Maybe let them see the movie 'IT', just to make sure.


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