Haven't we taken 'Taken' far enough? This week it was announced that there'd most likely be a third movie in the series. The gang at 'Saturday Night Live' seem to be of the opinion that the movie's premise — a retired C.I.A. agent pursuing his kidnapped family members — has already been stretched past its breaking point.  The result? This funny mash-up with the also-bloated 'The Expendables' franchise.

In 'Give Us All Our Daughters Back,' retired heroes from Liam Neeson to Uma Thurman (in full 'Kill Bill' regalia) return to rescue the entire C.I.A. day-care center. Also, Steven Seagal's ponytail wields a switchblade... and we're okay with that. The sad thing is that the 'Taken' filmmakers don't have many ways to raise the stakes on their next picture without following SNL's pointers (although, they could still get really crazy and throw a son into the mix).