Hosting the CMA Awards is old hat for Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, as the duo embarks on its fifth co-hosting stint. In the uncut promo for the 46th annual CMAs, Underwood and Paisley admit that in order to stay sharp, they have to practice their hosting skills all year long and they do so in front of tough crowds, like senior citizens at bingo, kids at a birthday party and diners at Danny's. One thing we learn in this promo? Paisley has a real gift for physical comedy.

In this hilarious 90-second spot, the twosome tries performing for bingo players, who aren't the least bit interested, even though Underwood dazzles in a sparkly silver dress. Paisley is a bit to overzealous with the bingo machine, and slips on the errant balls. It's a knee-slapping moment.

They also provide entertainment at a kid's party, with Paisley fashioning balloon animals. When he gives a child a monkey-shaped animal, he gets booted in the ankle. So much for his efforts, since the kid hates monkeys.

He and Underwood are also "hosts" greeting guests at Danny's, an eatery that is clearly a ripoff of Denny's. They try and entertain diners waiting to be seated but they fail miserably in their attempts.

By the time Underwood suggests they stick to hosting the CMAs, she's figuring out something we already knew!

Be sure and wait for last few seconds of the spot, when Paisley clocks a clown after getting startled by a hand buzzer. It's another hilarious moment.

The CMA Awards take place on Nov. 1 and will air live on ABC.

Watch Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Practice CMA Hosting Skills