Snow Day 2021 was the cool, fluffy break we all needed from reality. It was a day spent throwing snowballs at our siblings, building snowmen with our sweethearts, and making snow angels with our kids.

Snow in Central Texas is a huge deal. We rarely get it, and when we do, it usually melts almost immediately. To have the snow fall as heavy and thick as it did Sunday and stick around for a day and a half was a true gift from the heavens when we all needed it most.

For many of us, the view from the ground was spectacular enough, but our friend Machine Gun Droner on YouTube wanted to get a bird's eye view. Thankfully, he shared it with all of us on his YouTube channel. (You should totally subscribe to it, by the way. It's full of great aerial views of Central Texas.)

The video starts out on the ground, but around the 1:33 mark we take to the air to see Temple completely dusted in snow. Drone footage of your hometown always looks pretty incredible and puts things in a new perspective (literally and figuratively), but this footage is just surreal. Temple looks almost unrecognizable covered in snow.

Take a look at the video below, and don't forget to scroll down and see some of our favorite Snow Day 2021 pictures that you, our listeners, sent in to share the joy with the rest of Central Texas.

Let's hope the snow makes a comeback next year. I think it did all our hearts a great deal of good.

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