Sunday was definitely a funday as snow turned Central Texas into a winter wonderland. Kids, big kids (AKA snow loving adults), and even our pets were out reveling in that most rare of treats in our neck of the woods - real snow.

We got about 4 inches of the white stuff here in Temple, and KCEN-TV reports that some areas of Central Saw as much as 7 inches. However many inches of snow you got, the real measure of success is whether or not you could build a snowman. Judging by how many pics of snowmen we received, January 10, 2021 was a successful snow day indeed.

It's a shame the snow couldn't stick around for a few days, but I still had some on my lawn throughout Monday, so I did get one last chance to feed a snowball to my dog. Oh, yeah. I learned she loves 'em. Then again, she's on a diet right now, so anything besides her normal Purina is a rare delicacy.

Ah, but I digress.

When we asked the good people of Central Texas to share their #SnowDay2021 pics with us, we expected to see some great responses. What we didn't count on was getting hundreds of them, which was an absolute delight. Everyone was so eager to share their family's memories with us and the whole US 105 family, and we love it!

With hundreds of submissions coming in, I couldn't include all of them here, so I narrowed it down to a bunch that caught my eye as I was scrolling.

To everyone out there in the US 105 Nation, thanks for sharing your pics, and we hope you and your family got to spend hours and hours enjoying the snow. Let's hope it comes back around next year!

LOOK: We Loved Your Central Texas Snow Day Pics

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