There was a travel ban instituted in New York City when Winter Storm Jonas hunkered down over the Big Apple on Saturday, but not before this guy had the time of his life.

YouTuber Casey Neistat attached a snowboard to the back of a Jeep and went cruising through the city's streets (we guess snow swimming was just too tame for him). Crossing the street in New York can be dicey enough when the weather is fine, so, while there may have been fewer vehicles on the road, this was certainly no easy task.

Said Neistat, "Here, you have snow plows to avoid and snowbanks and sports cars to jump off of. The consequences of falling might be a little higher in New York City."

He was even joined by a companion for a bit and they caught the attention of the police, who were pretty cool about not making a fuss or ticketing them.

If this was an Olympic sport, these guys would be the duo to beat. Heck, they already beat winter.

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