Just when the ice has finally melted away from your car,= and your gutters are starting to clear, Killeen-Temple, Texas gets the wonderful news that it's not quite over yet. The good news is we finally got above freezing today. The better news is we should reach 50 on Friday, and up to 70 on Monday.

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Is it safe to return to business as usual?

Well, since it will be below freezing again tonight, and until it warms after sunrise tomorrow, you still have to be careful when driving. 3 days of rain takes a long time to dry out, so we will start with ice for the fourth day in a row on Friday.

Will anymore severe weather be on the way?

Regardless of what Punxsutawny Phil said, it does not look like we're in for 6 more weeks of winter. First of all, we never listen to the groundhog anyway. Why would you when we have Bee Cave Bob?

Our nine-banded armadillo has in fact predicted an early spring. After a week of winter storm warning for pretty much the whole state, I'd say that's a smart move, Bobby.

How do you know there won't be more winter?

Well, "Know" is a strong word, but the extended forecast for the remainder of February isn't predicting we'll go below freezing again after Friday night. Learned a long time ago that 5% of babies are born on their due date. So, it would seem obstetricians and meteorologists most likely go to the same school.

An early spring sounds good to me, especially after a week like this.

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