As fall is already underway in the Lone Star State, many Texans look forward to one thing: cooler temperatures!

Ok we're joking, but you can't lie to us and say you aren't excited to not melt outside in Texas right?

In reality, there's much more for Texans to take part in during the fall season. After all, when it's cooler, you definitely want go outside more to see the state right! Plus, hopefully soon we'll get some crunchy leaves to step on.

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But, while we wait for the true cooldown from 80 degrees to say 60 degrees, we can still enjoy one major event, the State Fair of Texas! But some of us can't always go to the event, so how will we see the large event?

Thankfully, Social Media Helps Us Take In The Fair

With the digital age we live in, there's no shortage of ways for someone to see something and make it go viral. It's very true here in Texas, where instead of walking around the fairgrounds, we take to the skies to see it lit up:

There's just something so special about seeing the State Fair of Texas at night isn't there? It's even cooler when somebody captures the fireworks going off too!

Admittingly, I've never once been to the State Fair of Texas. I certainly want to go at one point in my life. Just have to find the time to do so of course haha!

What was your first experience at the fair? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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