As someone who spent a large portion of their life in Paris, Texas, seeing a cow running loose is pretty normal. But this particular bovine wanted to make a name for himself and went viral running the streets of Paris before having an "incident" with a local.

The video, posted by Kyle Kathcart, shows traffic at a standstill as police weave in and out trying to stop loose steer his tracks. But instead, the big beef darts across to the opposite side of the street and ends up TACKLING a man walking down the sidewalk. The poor guy was paying no attention and didn't even try to get out of the way.

“Officers were more concerned about the steer being in traffic and were trying to ‘herd’ it out of the main roadways,” Police Chief Bob Hundley told the Paris News. “Our contractor we use for loose livestock calls was on scene and attempting to capture it, but lost it on the trail behind Our Lady of Victory church. There are pastures in that area with other livestock so most likely that’s where it went.”

Imagine that poor guy going home and explaining to his wife how his day went. "Oh, I stopped by the bank, had a cup of coffee at the donut shop, and oh yeah, I GOT TACKLED BY A RANDOM STEER."


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