Stephen Martines paints an evocative portrait of a summer love that makes a big emotional impact in his new song. "Chasing Summer" premieres exclusively with Taste of Country today.

The actor and country singer sings of a woman named Summer that he met during a vacation in Florida, and while their fling seemed so casual in the moment that he didn't even know her last name, he finds himself unable to shake the thought of her as he's returning home.

"Then somewhere on the other side of Birmingham / I knew I soaked her up deeper than that Florida tan / So I took the next exit and I headed right back / With my heart and my wheels racing / Chasing Summer," he sings in the chorus.

Martines first came to public attention as an actor on daytime shows including General Hospital, Monarch Cove and The Guiding Light before making the leap to prime time on shows including Supernatural, The Closer, Burn Notice and more. More recently, he moved from Los Angeles to Nashville to pursue his passion for country music, scoring a deal with 40West Records. Martines is set to release "Chasing Summer" on Thursday (Dec. 17), and he's letting Taste of County readers hear the song first.

"It captures the essence of what many of us have experienced at least once in our lives: the lament that you felt when your actions didn't rhyme with your heart and you let something that might have been really good slip away — and the hope maybe you weren't too late to rescue yourself from your own foolishness," Martines states.

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