Downtown street art is a true representation of the community's colors, thoughts and concerns. The murals and graffiti that decorate the buildings add a vibrant touch to the otherwise dull cityscape. One of the best things about street art is that it is free to enjoy, and it is constantly changing, making every stroll downtown an opportunity to discover something new.

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However, not all street art is created equal. While some pieces are truly beautiful and awe-inspiring, others are literally gang tags. But that's the beauty of it, street art is a form of self-expression and it's a way for individuals or small groups to leave their mark on the city.

So next time you're downtown, take a stroll and see what art you can find! What follows are my top 10 favorite "lesser known" pieces of street art.

10 Unique Pieces of Street Art in Downtown Wichita Falls, TX

Graffiti and other pieces of art located between 10th street and 6th street, Lamar to Ohio.

Willy Wonka Drink Tour in Downtown Wichita Falls

Whether you want a drink with alcohol or a non-alcoholic option. You can take part in this epic drink tour all December long throughout downtown Wichita Falls.

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