A new group has surfaced in the capital and their focus is not laws but instead water. That's right the Texas House Water Caucus, founded by the non-profit Texas Water Foundation, will focus on creating sustainable water systems in Texas.

The Texas Tribune reported that the caucus, which includes 38 legislators from the Texas House of Representatives, will be prioritizing on educating law makers about water security in the state of Texas. The reason for the group is due in part to limited funds and aging infrastructures of the water system in Texas which tends to forget about Texans in rural areas.

In Texas there were more than 3,000 boil-water notices issued across the state which left many without water for days and is a necessary part of everyday life. Since the start of the new year there are usually six boil-water notices issued a day which mostly impact rural communities more than main cities. The water caucus is trying to focus on unifying people from different political backgrounds to focus on the importance of water conservation and infrastructure so we are readily prepared during times of drought or other disasters.

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How does water affect Lubbock and the rest of the South Plains? Well we kind of need it to even exist physically and economically. That means that by focusing on water infrastructure on the grand scale will allow us to enjoy drinking water with less boil-water notices, giving water to livestock which affects the economy, and watering crops (such as cotton and corn) which has a huge economic impact for the whole state. By having reliability on infrastructure and resource we will have to rely less on rivers and reservoirs which make up half of the Texas water supply.

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