It’s important for school officials to be aware of suspicious behavior among students, but Pekin High School in Illinois is cracking down on even the slightest of offenses.

Eric McMichael was recently suspended with three other friends for eating caffeinated mints. At first, school officials thought the students were in possession of drugs, so they had a reason to check things out. But when they discovered Eric and his friends were just sucking on mints, the school still took disciplinary action due to “gross misconduct for taking an unknown product." All students involved were suspended for two days and banned from their school’s homecoming events. All this over a little breathe-freshening action?

Understandably, Eric thinks the punishment is completely out of line: “People bring energy drinks to school everyday. I see this everyday and we get in trouble for energy mints?”

Listen, we think things could be much worse. Eric could’ve spiked his teacher’s coffee with butt pills, for example.