Twelve-year-old Olivia Manning (not pictured) is a freaking genius. With an IQ of 162, this pre-teen savant is proving to be one of the greatest minds since Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Manning recently scored two points higher on her I.Q. test than the father of the atomic age, Albert Einstein, and black-hole theorist Stephen Hawking, ranking her intelligence in the top 1 percent in the world.

Because of this, Manning has been accepted into Mensa International (High I.Q. Society) where she will now be able to join forces with brainiacs from all over the world.

While she is currently enjoying her new celebrity status at the North Liverpool Academy in Everton, Liverpool, England, Manning says she was "speechless" when she was given the results of her testing. “A lot more people are coming up to me asking for help with their homework,” said Manning. “I just like challenges and making my mind think.”

This just goes to prove our point: Mannings are good at stuff.

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