I’m sure you’ve met someone who honestly believes that the world is going to suffer a Zombie Apocalypse. Usually, it’s late, and they’ve been drinking, smoking, and popping pills. It’s when you meet these people while they’re dropping off their kids at daycare and they ask you if you’re prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse that you realize that this might be a thing.

FindTheHome, a website you use to find a home, has taken the time to come up with a formula to see where the best place to survive the Zombie Apocalypse is in America. They judged each city with a combination of 3 factors: resources, defense, and demographics. The higher the score, the better the odds of surviving.

The cities and towns that scored the highest had an abundance of hardware stores, good sources of water, grocery stores or crop farms. So, the best place to be is Alaska, Hawaii, or Tornado Alley.

You’d think Texas would be all over this. Guns, Bullets, Canned Food. But no. Only one town made the top 15. That was Canyon Texas with a score of 91.1. The best place to be is Ridgeland Mississippi with a score of 93.6. That’s a tough call. Go to Mississippi, or get killed by Zombies. Seriously, that’s a coin flip.

For those of us in Central Texas, we’re middle of the road.