In this world of social media & easy access to cameras, it's important to remember what you do now could affect you 10 years from now.  One Michigan teacher learned that lesson the hard way.  

Susan Brennan had a brief stint on the pole at a Grand Rapids, MI strip joint called Sensations while she was on medical leave in 2006.  Her firing in 2010 came after an agreement with the school district to NOT hold the events of 2006 against her went by the wayside.

The fact that Brennan gets $45,000 for a part-time job she had while on medical leave is not even the real story here.  I only bring you this SNN Update because I'm guessing the entire $37,000 (after $8,000 goes to her lawyer) was paid by sticking dollar bills in Ms. Brennan's G-string.  BAZINGGG!!!