For those that have been robbed, you know how frustrating it is knowing someone got the best of you, and despite your best effort, got away without getting caught.  One vacationing woman turned the tables on a thief, letting her camera on her smartphone do all the work.

Photo courtesy iStock Photo

Tourist hot spots are also hot spots for thieves, who wait for the perfect time to victimize you & your family, knowing you'll soon be leaving back to your normal life & the theft will be history.  One unlucky woman had her luck change after her smartphone was stolen from her bag while she "drunkenly" swam nude in the ocean (why can't we get pics of THAT??).

By simply turning on an option that allows her photos taken with her phone to be uploaded directly to her Dropbox account, a German tourist/blogger/victim/skinny-dipper has shared with the world what exactly happens to your stolen merchandise once it leaves your possession.  Apparently, the life of a Dubai-based thief includes lots of time for taking pictures in different poses throughout the middle east.

It's amazing when you look at the pictures posted to this woman's blog that A)  Word hasn't yet reached Hafid that he's an internet star, and B) Arab hipsters are just as obnoxious and douchey as American hipsters.  Follow the travels, crimes & selfies of Hafid on her blog.

I only wish the thief that stole my laptops would have been as stupid.  Maybe he/she'll still try to friend me on Facebook.  Looking at this in a glass-half-full kind of way, at least we know that, despite our religious/political differences with those in the middle east, people around the world take the same, self-serving, narcissistic pictures of themselves... and isn't that something that can bring us all together?  Maybe, behind all that "terrorist" stuff, Osama was just like the rest of us, taking duck-face selfies with his harem behind him.  Better yet, maybe Osama spent that decade not hiding in caves, but working in a Glamour Shots studio.  Wouldn't that help the healing, to know Osama had to get kids smiling by holding up a stuffed animal of Kermit?