UPDATE: Killeen ISD Student Arrested as Second Suspect in Austin Shooting

1A young man visiting Texas from Michigan who was among the over a dozen victims of a Saturday morning shooting in Austin has passed away.

In an email, the Austin Police Department confirmed that 25-year-old Douglas John Kantor was pronounced dead Sunday, June 13 at 12:01 PM. A family member speaking to KVUE-TV said Kantor was waiting in line to get into a bar when he was shot in the abdomen.

Kantor's family released a statement after receiving the news. He was from Airmont, New York, and was working as an IT product manager for Ford after earning his master's degree in business from the University of Michigan.

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His family said Kantor had just bought a house and was planning to marry his high school sweetheart. A neighbor of his parents told the Associated Press that Kantor was in Austin celebrating.

The City of Austin confirmed in on Twitter Sunday that one suspect is in custody. KEYE-TV reports that the suspect is a juvenile, and that a second suspect remains at large. Due to their age, Austin PD has not released the name of the captured suspect.

The shooting occurred shortly before 1:24 AM Saturday, June 12 in the 400 Block of the East 6th Street entertainment district. By Monday morning, police had updated the number of victims to 14, including Kantor.

Police have said they believe those injured were mostly innocent bystanders, though they were interviewing victims and reviewing footage from the area.

You can read the full statement from Doug Kantor's family here courtesy of KXAN-TV.

I can't imagine having lost someone in such a random and tragic way like this. Doug was a young guy, and it sounds like everything was coming together for him: the degree, the great job, the prospect of marrying the love of his life.

There he was celebrating life, a guest in our state capitol, when what looks like beef between two people on the street he most likely didn't even know blew up and cost him his life.

It can't have been easy for his family to write a statement condensing his life and accomplishments so soon after an unspeakable tragedy, but I'll say this - reading about how proud they were of him reminds us of how precious our lives are and how drastically they can change or how quickly they can end. It's not a reason to live in fear, but it's a reminder that we've got to cherish the people in our lives and look out for each other. Tomorrow isn't promised, and a stupid, senseless act of hate can end entire worlds in an instant.

If you haven't told someone you love how much you care lately, do it now. It's never a bad time.

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