Taco Bell has ramped up its Super Bowl advertising with a push for their new taco 12-pack.  It's the way the fast food giant is going about it that has some groups voicing their objections online.  

If you've watched any of the NFL playoffs leading up to this Sunday's big game you've surely noticed the ad that features Mr. Voiceover guy telling us that bringing a veggie tray to a party is like "punting on 4th and 1".
That seems like a fairly harmless joke that someone wouldn't take offense to, unless that person was a vegetarian or an angry dieter.  Apparently a lot of vegans are also football fans because Taco Bell has received enough negative public response they've decided to pull the plug.  Let's hope with the Packers out of the Super Bowl hunt the Wisconsin Cheese representatives don't see the ad questioning cheese trays being brought to parties.