Greg Abbott

New DWI Law
Beginning September 1, first time DWI offenders who meet certain criteria will be able to apply for a non-disclosure restriction on their criminal record.
TX Texting Ban
Governor Greg Abbott has signed into a law a statewide ban on texting behind the wheel, though there will be one exception. Will this deter texting and driving?
Governor Abbott Reacts
As wildfires rage in Texas' panhandle, Governor Greg Abbott deploys fire strike teams to aid in the effort to save lives and protect homes.
Texas Immigration Standoff
Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez are at odds concerning when and why illegal immigrants ought to be detained, and it could cost the county around $1.8 million in grants.
No Gentleman
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller scrambled to explain himself Tuesday after a since-deleted post from his official Twitter account refered to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as “the c-word”.
No More Refugees
‼️ #USA: Texas withdraw from the #Obama refugee program.
— Onlinemagazin (@OnlineMagazin) September 22, 2016
Texas Governor Greg Abbott and State Refugee Coordinator Kara Crawford have given official notice of their intent to withdraw from a federal refugee resett…

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