Dear Governor Abbott,

I know you have a LOT of stuff on your plate but if I could take a few minutes of your time today to consider a pressing issue for a lot of Texans: Cold Fronts.

Sir, we're NEVER ready for these things when they come through. Despite repeated warnings from our local weather people that these cold fronts are coming, we STILL are shell shocked at their annual arrival.

Why just this morning during my commute, there were accidents and traffic was moving slower than usual and I know for a FACT its due to people just not being prepared for the true impact of the winds and rain.

Okay, my whining may sound stupid because places like Colorado went from 82 degrees on Wednesday to 21 degrees on Thursday but you gotta understand that we're TEXANS and one of the reasons we're here is to AVOID nonsense like that.

Plus did I mention, rapid weather changes usually lead to folks acquiring colds faster. Think of the potential costs in money and productivity to employers of those who are "calling in sick" because of this.

So Governor, if you could find it in your heart during the next legislative session or during your next "campaign", I recommend you run on the "Cold Front Days Off" platform. Giving us just ONE cold front day off so we can stay inside with our loved ones and prepare for the rest of fall and winter.

It's really simple, just give us the Friday BEFORE Columbus Day (Or Indigenous People Day whatever you wanna call it) off since a few employers don't recognize that particular "holiday". It gives us all time to get used to the weather and eat hot soups and rest up. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

No need to rush your decision sir. Take your time and consider it because it would be beneficial to ALL Texans and I'm sure you'll find BI-PARTISAN support for this movement.

Thank you and best regards,

Melz On The MIC

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