Rowdy Happens

My 88-Year-Old Grandmother’s Special Gift
First things first I want to say I love my Grandmother.  She is one of the strongest and most loving women that I have ever had the opportunity to be around.  One of the fondest memories of my childhood is the games of cards that we played on a nightly basis.
Most Awesome Food Reviewer of 2013
Every once in a while I am at work and need to step away from reality for a second.  This affords me an opportunity to check out YouTube and the few subscriptions I have.  One of the few people I follow is Joe's Super Cool Food Reviews.
Television Shows Cancelled in 2013
As we slowly move towards the end of 2013 we should all take a moment to recognize the many, many, many TV shows that came to an untimely end this year.  Some were cancelled, and others wrapped up after multiple seasons, but they were all something special to someone.
The Parent Rap [Video]
Until you are a parent, or responsible for the care of a young child, some of this stuff might not really feel relevant.  Once you have been... This is the story of my life since I had a kid.
Huge Dodge-Ball Tournament Comes to Central Texas
The first ever World of Texas Dodge-Ball Challenge is coming to the Bell County Expo Center on November 23rd!  This is such an exciting competition.  If you are in an office and want a great team building exercise, or if you work for a big corporation and want to have departmental domination, then t…

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