Congratulations to Big Q.  He did his Taxes Sunday.  Sorry to have to tell him he is out of the Procrastinators Club!

Julia Conner

I will take over as President.  I still have to do mine!  If I can't get them done today, I must file an extension.  Anybody can file an extension.  If you owe the IRS money though, you have to send them a check today.   "But, Julia", you say,  "I don't know how much I owe, because I haven't done my Taxes!"  The IRS doesn't care.  If you think you may end up owing, estimate and send them a check.  Hopefully, if you end up not owing they will send you your money back. There are all kinds of ways to pay. Click here and navigate!

If you know you are going to get a refund just file an extension.  It is right here.

IRS has a video to help you avoid mistakes.  Good Luck!