In news that probably surprises no one, it looks like Taylor Swift's massively successful '1989' is slated to beat out Disney's 'Frozen' soundtrack for the top-selling album of 2014.

According to Headline Planet, ‘1989’ has already beat the impressive numbers held by the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack, raising Taylor’s album sales total to somewhere around the 3.66 million mark. ‘Frozen,’ meanwhile, hovers around 3.52 million copies sold in the past year. So unless there’s a mass exodus of Elsa fans headed to music stores today, it’s probably safe to assume that Taylor will have the top-selling album of the year. And while the official numbers from Billboard are not yet in, things are definitely looking good for the 'Blank Space' singer, who we're pretty sure is having the greatest year ever.

What’s most impressive about this is the fact that ‘1989’ was not released until Oct. 27, meaning it had just a little over two months to out-sell ‘Frozen,’ which came out in late 2013. Imagine if ‘1989’ had been released on Jan. 1?

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